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Welcome to kifurushi documentation

A simple library to forge network packets.

Why kifurushi?

I was playing with the DNS protocol using the excellent scapy library. It is very simple to forge network data with this library. I have always wondered why protocol libraries like h2 or aioquic don't use it to forge packets instead of doing it all by hands and then I thought maybe it is because it will be overkill to import the whole library containing many protocol implementations just for one thing you want to use (or maybe library authors don't know the scapy library...). It would be glad to just use the scapy ability to forge packets without importing the huge protocol library. This is where the idea of kifurushi comes from.

It is a simple library that will help you forge network data quickly. It is less capable than scapy because its specific goal is to implement a concrete protocol as opposed to scapy which makes it possible to give free rein to our imagination. So if you find that your needs cannot be simply express with kifurushi, you probably need to use scapy.